G.O.P. (Gas. Oil. Package.) is an International Club of top professionals operating across engineering, technologies, marketing and logistics. For completing their projects, the club members leverage their R&D and manufacturing potential, and the experience of major global suppliers of equipment, in the first place, for the gas and oil industry. By bringing together various parties, packaging companies contribute to the growth of basic market sectors, and create favorable conditions for implementing cost effective solutions and enhancing the industry expertise in general. International Club G.O.P. is a communication platform for specialists, experts and consumers. Here they discuss professional topics, share achievements, and promote new engineering and social projects.

The most prominent event at G.O.P. club in 2016 is the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Ariel Corporation, the largest manufacturer of reciprocating compressors and the 25th anniversary of their representative office in Russia. One of the events in the framework of this celebration is a hands-on conference 'Application of Ariel reciprocating compressors: 50 years on a global scale'.

I greet all of organizers and members of Club G.O.P. I wellcome and look with great hope at young change come to work to oil-gas branch industry. You'll have great business, huge achivements but hard ways. As my life has been given to oil-gas (I've been working to Gasprom, Caterpillar and Ariel Corporation) I'm proud to place myself at the head of the Club G.O.P which gathered professionals under its wing who move forward our business: to bear heat and light to countries and continents. Dear, work. Evtrything will be all right!

President of Club G.O.P.
Bogdan Smereka

The Russian Office of Ariel Corporation expresses sincere gratitude to the international G.O.P. club for the provided opportunities and collaboration in holding the International Hands-on Conference 'Application of Ariel reciprocating compressors: 50 years on a global scale'.

Head of the Russian Office of Ariel Corporation
Igor Legun

Caterpillar Eurasia LLC expresses its gratitude to GOP club for successful organization and completion of the second international conference "Reciprocating compressor packages. From contemporary design to reliable operation" and "Caterpillar Power Solutions for Oil&Gas industry" seminar, which took place in May 2017 in Moscow.

We appreciate their highest professionalism and creativity thanks to which the events were organized and held at the highest level in accordance with the Caterpillar`s standards. Both events received many positive feedbacks from participants - Caterpillar`s partners and customers.

Key Account Manager Caterpillar Oil&Gas
Sergey Chernyshov