Annual international conference "Reciprocating compressor packages: from contemporary design to reliable operation" 2018

Main sponsors are: Ariel International Corporation and Caterpillar Oil&Gas.

Conference will be held in May 22-24, 2018. (May 22 – Caterpillar section; May 23-24 – Ariel corporation section).

Marriot Moscow Grand Hotel, 26/1 Tverskaya str., Moscow, Russia

Main goals of the conference are experience exchange, discussion and solution for main issues of end-users, reciprocating compressor package contemporary design and reliable operation ideas promotion.

22 May, 2018. Caterpillar.

Fist day of the conference will be dedicated to compressor`s drives: reciprocating gas engines and electric motors. The following topics will be covered by Caterpillar Gas compression industry leading engineers:

  • Overall Caterpillar gas compression offering.
  • Reciprocating gas engines and electric motors performance.
  • Packaging and commissioning guidelines.
  • Learning programs
  • Service and Maintenance
  • CAT CONNECT offerings for remote monitoring, trouble shooting, etc.

May 23-24, 2018 – Ariel Сorporation section

Ariel program is scheduled for two days and includes plenary sessions and round tables discussions on most requested subjects.

Main subjects of the event:

  • Design features of Ariel reciprocating compressor based package
  • Equipment upgrade
  • Reliable operation factors
  • Control and monitoring systems
  • Gas separation systems
  • Acoustical studies and vibration analysis
  • Distribution, technical support and training
  • Compressor station operation and service experience
  • Distributors, end-users and project institutes presentations

Primary sponsor:

Ariel Corporation

Participating sponsor:

Нефтяная компания «ЛУКОЙЛ»

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